「OKiBook訂座購物賞」獎賞計劃 / "Dine and Shop Reward” Promotion November 2021

「OKiBook訂座購物賞」獎賞計劃 / "Dine and Shop Reward” Promotion November 2021


Claim your reward NOW: Earn an OKiBook Shop Gift Card with your next booking! 

立即領取您的獎賞:出席訂座後可獲得OKiBook Shop HK$50購物劵!





To show our appreciation, we would like to reward your next restaurant booking with a HK$50 OKiBook Shop Gift Card.

Simply book any OKiBook restaurant and dine before November 30, 2021 to claim your gift card* for OKiBook Shop (https://shop.okibook.com/en/) to get an instant discount on a large selection of dining deals, staycation packages, cakes, fine beverages, flowers, events, and seasonal products from the best hotels and retailers in Hong Kong.

* T&C:

– book and dine at any OKiBook restaurant by the date indicated above to qualify for the reward
– this offer can be used in addition to the OKiBook discount

– only tables of 2 guests or more are eligible for the reward
– HK$50 gift card code for OKiBook Shop will be sent by email within 6 weeks of the dining date
– The gift card code is only valid for OKiBook Shop on the domain shop.okibook.com, not for restaurant bookings on okibook.com

– only one reward per day, per meal period, and per email address can be claimed
– OKiBook reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time
– in case of dispute, OKiBook will make the final decision
– enquiries: [email protected]


為答謝您對OKiBook的支持,現只需要於2021年11月30日前預訂並出席訂座,即可獲得OKiBook Shop HK$50購物劵回贈!

您可以用此購物劵於OKiBook Shop預訂各種酒店Staycation、餐飲禮劵、花禮、蛋糕、酒類飲品,甚至活動!最近更有多款節日限定商品新上架,為節日更添氣氛! HK$50購物劵並無指定消費,每次出席訂座後均可獲得電子購物劵一張!




- 必須於20211130日前透過OKiBook預訂任何餐廳並出席訂座,才合符資格獲得獎賞

- 此獎賞計劃可與OKiBook訂座優惠同時使用

- 個訂座需要至少兩位用餐客人

- 您將於出席訂座後的六週,透電郵獲得相關獎賞

- HK$50購物劵只適用於OKiBook Shop (網址: https://shop.okibook.com/) 並作購物用途

- 必須持有有效電郵地址以收取有關獎賞

- 獎賞以每個電郵地址為計算單位,一日只能獲得一次獎賞

- OKiBook保留隨時取消此獎賞計劃的權利

- 如有任何爭議,OKiBook作出最終決定

- 查詢:[email protected]