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Sha Tin 18 - Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin,
18 Chak Cheung Street,
Sha Tin, Hong Kong

Special Happenings @ Sha Tin 18 - Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin

Monthly Special Menu:

Steamed threadfin fish, salted ginger $368
Steamed crap fish head, spring onion, homemade indochina dragon plum paste $288
Wok-fried chicken, savory crisbean, Sichuan pepper, chilli $288
Braised pork belly, dried tiger prawn, beancurd, bamboo shoot, Chinese mushroom, Yunnan ham $268
Pan-fried buffalo milk egg custard, conpoy, ginger lily $258
Simmered Chinese spinach, salted egg, preserved egg, preserved vegetables, fried garlic cloves $218

All prices are subject to 10% service charge


Special Set Lunch at Sha Tin 18:

Set Lunch Menu A:
Steamed shrimp, pork, crab roe dumpling Pan-fried red bean paste, sesame, glutinous rice cake
Braised conpoy, winter melon soup
Pan-fried beef short ribs, ginger, spring onion
Stir-fried crown daisy, garlic
Tossed abalone noodles, crispy pork fat, cucumber, spring onion
Sha Tin 18 Desserts (Chinese preserved plum, meringue cheese roulade Oolong tea ice cream)
Chinese Tea
HK$268 Per Person (Min for two persons)

Set Lunch Menu B:
Crispy-fried shrimp, lemongrass spring roll Steamed purple sweet potato, lily bulbs, horned water chestnut dumpling
Sliced chicken, motherwort soup
Stir-fried scallop, organic purple sweet corn, pine nuts
Stir-fried lettuce, chilli, Chinese preserved beancurd
Stir-fried rice noodles, beef, soya sauce
Sha Tin 18 desserts (Baked black sesame dumpling pie Thai-style bubble milk tea ice cream)
Chinese tea
HK$268 Per Person (Min for two persons)

Set Lunch Menu C:
Crispy-fried shrimp, crab roe, mustard dumpling Steamed fungus, lotus seed, dried tribute vegetable dumpling
Crabmeat, sweet corn, egg white soup
Stir-fried Iberico pork belly, bamboo shoots
Tossed mustard greens, beancurd sheet, shallots
Fried rice, scallop, conpoy, preserved olive paste
Sha Tin 18 desserts (Red date madeleine, Grand Marnier custard sauce Roselle, pineapple sherbet)
Chinese tea
HK$268 Per Person (Min for two persons)

Set Lunch Menu D:
Steamed scallop, conpoy, spinach dumpling Pan-fried celery lettuce, mushroom beancurd
Garoupa, tomato soup
Steamed chicken, galangal, mandarin peel, garlic
Stir-fried minced pork, green beans, preserved olive paste
Dongguan wok-fried rice vermicelli, prawns, shredded pork
Sha Tin 18 desserts (Osmanthus flower, yuzu jelly, red bean Candied winter melon, lemon, barley sherbet)
Chinese tea
HK$268 Per Person (Min for two persons)

Terms and Conditions
• Daily rotating lunch menu
• Available from Monday to Friday
• If you have any food or drink allergies or intolerances, please speak to a member of our associate before placing your order
• All prices are subject to 10% service charge

Promotion Period: From now until further notice

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 11:30am -3pm / 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Saturday, Sunday / Public Holiday: 10:30am - 3pm / 5:30pm - 10:30pm

Starting from 1 October 2020
5:30pm – 10pm (Mon - Fri)
1st round: 5:30pm - 7:30pm (Sat - Sun & PH)
2nd round: 7:45pm - 10pm (Sat - Sun & PH)

About Sha Tin 18 - Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin

The award-winning Sha Tin 18 serves authentic Dongguan and northern Chinese cuisine in a lively show kitchen environment.
Apart from main dining area, private rooms are also available for different occasions. Signature dishes include traditional Peking Duck, Flambé Rose Wine Barbecued Pork, Lard Rice, delicacies with homemade preserves and innovative homemade desserts.

Latest Promotions @ Sha Tin 18 - Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin


Head Chef

Ho Chun Hung

Signature Dishes

Barbecued Pork
Steamed Pork Ribs,
Glutinous Rice
Chinese Preserved
Beancurd Cheese Cake


A la carte average spending: HK$300
Set: HK$268 (min for 2) (Mon - Fri)

A la carte average spending: HK$450

10% service charge applies.

Prices subject to changes. ​Please r​ead "Special Happenings" at the top of the page.

Best for

Family Gathering, Friends Gathering, Romantic Date, Birthday Party, Wedding, Business Meeting, Casual Dining, Large Parties


Mountain View, Al Fresco

Private room(s) seating capacity

1 -48

Payment accepted

Cash, Visa, Master, AE, JCB, Union Pay, AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK

Foreign currencies accepted



High chairs available

Dress code


Spoken language(s)​

Cantonese, Mandarin, English

How to get to the restaurant?

Nearest MTR Station


MTR Exit


A la carte


Crispy Roasted Pork Belly HK$198
Chilled Tomato, Spicy Sesame Sauce HK$118


Traditional Peking Duck (Preparation time: 70 minutes) HK$628 per Whole Duck First Course Only
Steamed Crab, Egg, Minced Pork, Preserved Soya Beans (Preparation time: 45 minutes) HK$498
Steamed Pork Ribs, Glutinous Rice HK$238


Red Date Clafoutis, Oolong Tea Ice Cream (Preparation time: 40 minutes) HK$80
Chinese Preserved Beancurd Cheese Cake HK$65
Chinese Wine Chocolate Ice Cream HK$45


Wine by the glass HK$80 - HK$108
House Champagne by the glass HK$92 - HK$215
Bottled beer HK$65 - HK$85
Draft beer HK$78 - HK$85
1/2 Bottled mineral water HK$28
Tea per person HK$21
Juice by glass HK$60
Regular coffee HK$57


Corkage HK$400
Cake-cutting per person HK$20
  • 10% service charge
Book your table Up to 12% off food
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