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Café Circles - Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West

Special Happenings @ Café Circles - Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West

December 2021 Special Arrangement

1-12 Dec : HK$398 (Adult buffet) / HK$288 (Child buffet)/HK$288 (Senior buffet)
13-16 Dec : HK$448 (Adult buffet) / HK$378 (Child buffet)/HK$378(Senior buffet)
17-19/31Dec,1 Jan 2021 : HK$498 (Adult buffet) / HK$428 (Child buffet)/HK$428 (Senior buffet)
20-23/28-30 Dec : HK$458 (Adult buffet) / HK$388 (Child buffet)/HK$388 (Senior buffet)
24-27 Dec : HK$518 (Adult buffet) / HK$448 (Child buffet)/HK$448 (Senior buffet)
2 Jan 2021 : HK$488 (Adult buffet) / HK$418 (Child buffet)/HK$418 (Senior buffet)

Afternoon Tea:
1-12 Dec : Afternoon Tea Set HK$488
13-16 Dec : HK$328 (Adult buffet) / HK$258 (Child buffet)/HK$258 (Senior buffet)
17/20-23/28-31 Dec: HK$338 (Adult buffet) / HK$268 (Child buffet)/HK$268 (Senior buffet)
18/19 Dec, 1 Jan2021: HK$368 (Adult buffet) / HK$298 (Child buffet)/HK$298 (Senior buffet)
24-27 Dec: HK$398 (Adult buffet) / HK$328 (Child buffet)/HK$328 (Senior buffet)
2 Jan 2021: HK$358 (Adult buffet) / HK$288 (Child buffet)/HK$288 (Senior buffet)

1/2/6-9 Dec: HK$538 (Adult buffet) / HK$428 (Child buffet)/$428 (Senior buffet)
3-5/10-12 Dec: HK$598 (Adult buffet) / HK$488 (Child buffet)/$488 (Senior buffet)
13-16 Dec: HK$568 (Adult buffet) / HK$468 (Child buffet)/$468 (Senior buffet)
17 Dec,1/2 Jan 2021: HK$618 (Adult buffet) / HK$518 (Child buffet)/$518 (Senior buffet)
20-22/28-30 Dec: HK$578 (Adult buffet) / HK$478 (Child buffet)/$478 (Senior buffet)
26-27 Dec: HK$638 (Adult buffet) / HK$538 (Child buffet)/$538 (Senior buffet)
18/19/23 Dec: (1st Round:5:30pm – 8:00pm): HK$578(Adult buffet) / HK$478 (Child buffet)/$478 (Senior buffet)
18/19/23 Dec: (2nd round:8:30pm – 11:00pm): HK$578 (Adult buffet) / HK$478 (Child buffet)/$478 (Senior buffet)
24/25 Dec: (1st Round:5:30pm – 8:00pm): HK$638 (Adult buffet) / HK$538 (Child buffet)/$538 (Senior buffet)
24/25 Dec: (2nd round:8:30pm – 11:00pm): HK$638 (Adult buffet) / HK$538 (Child buffet)/$538 (Senior buffet)
31 Dec: (1st Round:5:30pm – 8:00pm): HK$618 (Adult buffet) / HK$518 (Child buffet)/$518 (Senior buffet)
31 Dec: (2nd round:8:30pm – 11:00pm): HK$618 (Adult buffet) / HK$518 (Child buffet)/$518 (Senior buffet)

Full payment deposit is required for 24-26 Dec whole day. The restaurant will contact guests for collecting the payment.

Early bird 20% off before Dec 10

Prices are subject to a 10% service charge


[International delicacy buffet dinner and savoury slices of raw Buri]

Enjoy a sumptuous dinner buffet with family and friends at Café Circles on weekends. On Fridays to Sundays and public holidays, you can enjoy a selection of iced seafood, For delicious sashimi, delicious salads, special hot meats and even exquisite desserts, the chef will even cut raw oily sashimi on the spot, allowing diners to enjoy the fresh and tender meaty sashimi.
Menu Highlights


Roasted Jumbo Oyster
Steamed Scallop with Shell
Fish Tika
Garlic King Prawn
Haagen Dazs Ice-cream

A la carte


Crispy Soft Shell Crab Salad with Mango Relish HK$115
Caesar Salad with Pesto Prawn Skewers HK$115
Wild Mushroom Cream Soup with Black Truffle Paste HK$100


Hainanese Chicken Rice with Seasonal Vegetables and Daily Soup HK$165
Nasi Goreng HK$165
Traditional Indian Curry with Basmati Rice HK$155


Bread and Butter Pudding HK$100
Blueberry Cheesecake HK$100
Mango Napoleon HK$110


Bottled beer HK$55
1/2 bottle mineral water HK$55
Juice HK$45 - HK$60
Black coffee HK$48


Corkage HK$150
Cake-cutting Free
  • 10% service charge
How to get to the restaurant?

Nearest MTR Station

Tsuen Wan West

MTR Exit


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