A Feast of Japanese Delights @ Bistro on the Mile – Holiday Inn Golden Mile

A Feast of Japanese Delights @ Bistro on the Mile – Holiday Inn Golden Mile


Are you craving Japanese food? Do not miss this opportunity to celebrate Japan’s culinary culture with a gorgeous Japanese dinner buffet at Holiday Inn Golden Mile’s Bistro on the Mile from 1 Jan until 29 Feb 2020.

Guests can relish a scrumptious variety of their favourite Japanese dishes such as: crab meat and cucumber salad, jumbo prawn tempura, deep fried sirloin, sashimi, sushi,Japanese savory pancake, oden,fried rice with eel, yakitori chicken with ginger garlic, Japanese egg custard with snow crab meat, Japanese curry Beefand grilled salted mackerel. There is also a choice of oceanic delights for seafood lovers. Cooked seafood delicacies include shrimps in their shells, blue mussels, Japanese crab leg, and cooked lobster. Diners can also indulge in succulent fresh oysters.

Top off this feast with an array of delectable desserts featuring the green tea Crème Brulee, sesamered bean roll, green tea Tiramisu, green tea panna cotta,3.6chocolate milk pudding, plus three selections of Häagen Dazs ice cream.

Bistro Japanese Dinner Buffet Menu 2020

Specials at Bistro on the Mile:

Sun-Thur: HK$598 (Adult buffet) / HK$418 (Child buffet) / HK$478 (Senior buffet)

Fri-Sat: HK$668 (Adult buffet) / HK$467 (Child buffet) / HK$534 (Senior buffet)

Special days arrangement:

25-28 Jan & 14 Feb: HK$668 (Adult buffet) / HK$467 (Child buffet) / HK$534 (Senior buffet)

10% service charge applies

Promotion Period: 1st January – 29th February, 2020

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